The Peculiars

None of us currently at Creomedia is an expert blogger. Social media rants and shares don't count. Nonetheless, we keep our eyes wide open, always eagar to pick up on an interesting detail. Then read about it too. And form a critical opinion. Well, mostly. Sometimes the pure joy is married to a hint of fear that we'll find our tools outdated or simply playing on the wrong court very quickly in this beautiful industry of ours. Generally, there is a short path from evoking avantgarde to plain silly. So most of the Creatives tend to stay tuned. Obsessively.

Watching, listening to and reading about the new trends, technologies and design rationales could become very tiring and predictable though. Same patterns of interchange between excitement and the things passé, repeated in short intervals, could make one oblivious. So we miss a beat. Then another one. In fairness, most likely it's only the beat 1.0.1. That is the time to take a step back. Take a breath. Zoom out. Shift focus to a bigger picture. To the classics. The beat we missed will not become a classic without us noticing, anyway. This media blog will shift its attention between, what we think, are slightly more peculiar beats of the industry's advancement and those classic stories of visual creativity. Topics with the making of a trend, yet dark horses of sorts. Sometimes the peculiars are just plain and ordinary, down to earth topics, as everything else at the time is plain mad in all of its hyper-trendiness. We love those.

Whether peculiar or the classic topic within the world of visual media, we would like to use this opportunity to invite all of you to contribute, share and comment on this little media blog of ours. That would make us very happy.

Creomedia bunch