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 We love producing visual content.

So it happens, it's also the best business-growing digital marketing tool there is.

Visual media agency.

We produce SME-focused, integrated Visual Media, ensuring business owners and marketers own the right & consistent visual media assets to promote their ideas, products, and services! Bring your brand awareness & content marketing to the next level with stylish, effective, and optimised Video, Animation, & Branded Graphics. Or ask for the entire bespoke enterprise package – a beautiful design-centric website, brand artwork & promotional content – all in one place!

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From €499

Recurring Video Packages.

Not every video you commission needs to be a flagship production. Make your brand's online messaging regularly stand out by publishing promo/educational video posts with consistent & stylish animated overlays, animated brand artwork, professional voiceovers & more.

⸻ Content Marketing


Recurring fees from as little as €499 a month - once we have your branded video content framework established. E.g. One 60-sec or two 30-sec animated text videos monthly.


From €699 a month - once we have one or more of your branded video content frameworks or assets established. E.g. One of each, 60-second and 30-second animated text or infographics video monthly.


From €999 a month - once we have several branded video & still graphics content frameworks or assets established for your business. E.g. One 60-second and two 30-second animated text or infographics videos with or without specifically sourced live footage per month.

Useful Tips: 1.) You can add voiceovers from some great Irish voiceover artists as well as script editing/copywriting to your bundle - ensuring the content's SEO optimisation as we use keywords vital to your marketing campaign. 2.) Animated logo as an intro to your video is a very effective, yet inexpensive brand enhancer providing that extra layer of consistency to every video content you publish. 3.) Why not ordering custom-made, voiceover script-based CC/subtitles file for your social media upload and avoid the AI confusion?

Talk to us to find out more!

From €299

Branded Christmas Animation

Make your brand's Christmas message stand out with branded animated Christmas greetings. Ideal as Title Video or Pinned Post on your social media channels during the Christmas season!

⸻ Branding Asset

Find The Best Video Format For Your Business Needs & Marketing Budget

Animated video, live-action, or a hybrid. The original production, stock footage, or a combination of both - we have your production needs covered.

⸻ Video Formats

Live Video

Share your vision, tell a story. Launch the new project with a bang. Unleash the incredible marketing power and ROI of online video content. Integrated into your brand's overall visual identity, beautifully produced and skilfully edited video imagery will put your business on the map. Combine it with professional voiceover and animated elements for a true broadcast-quality business presentation.



Animated Video

Get a beautifully designed, modern, and effective, branded animated video, promoting your services or products. We work with top Irish voiceover talents, ensuring the promotional script truly comes to life. This video format is a true field-leveler, ensuring SMEs successfully compete with big businesses in an online media arena.


Web Design

No business is the same! Each deserves the original web design rationale truly reflecting its uniqueness in every element, all at the fair price. The look & feel as well as easy-to-use functionality of your business' website is a genuine point zero of its competitiveness. To start this journey, we created the Website Definition Document and a thorough Questionnaire for you. Contact us to get a free copy!

Graphic Design

Refreshing, distinguished & responsive design, produced with a classic method behind the cutting edge digital process. From distinctive logos to comprehensive visual identities, we don't do shortcuts. Optimized for every digital platform and print.

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creomedia, digital agency, dublin, video, web, design

The copyright of branded icons, still and moving images, artwork, and posters on this website (with an exception of some of the blog content) is proudly owned by Please, contact us if you’d like to use our visuals or commission us to produce the original work for you. You can also subscribe to our newsletter by filling in the form above. Thanks!

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The Peculiars

None of us at Creomedia is an expert blogger. Social media rants don't count. Nonetheless, we like keeping our eyes wide open, eagerly picking up on an interesting detail. Then dig a bit deeper and form a critical opinion. Well, mostly. Sometimes the pure joy is mixed with a hint of fear that we'll find our tools being outdated or simply playing on the wrong court. It happens very quickly in this beautiful industry of ours - there is a short path from evoking avantgarde to plain silly. So most of the Creatives tend to stay tuned. Obsessively.

Following the new trends, technologies and design rationales could become very tiring and predictable though. Regular patterns of welcoming new and seeing off the things which become passé, when repeated in short intervals, could make one oblivious. So we miss a beat. Then another one. In fairness, most likely it's only the beat 1.0.1. That's the time to take a step back. Take a breath. Zoom out. Shift focus to a bigger picture. To the classics. The beat we missed will not become a classic without us noticing, anyway. This media blog will shift its attention between, what we think, are slightly more peculiar beats of the industry's advancement and those classic stories of visual creativity. Topics with the making of a trend, yet dark horses of sorts. Sometimes the peculiars are just plain and ordinary, down to earth topics, as everything else at the time is plain mad in all of its hyper-trendiness. We love those.

Whether peculiar or the classic topic within the world of visual media, we would like to use this opportunity to invite all of you to contribute, share and comment on this little media blog of ours. That would make us very happy.

Creomedia bunch